Baj Khedaval Brahmin

This blog is for Shri Saurashtra Baj Khedaval Brahmin Gyati. Khedaval is also spelt as Khedawal. This blog will be a platform for the youth to communicate views on the contemporary world and share experiences and ideas. It will help the Khedaval youth to be in touch with one another, exchange ideas and take care of mutual interests to facilitate the growth of all families of the Gyati.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Saurashtra Baj Khedaval Brahmin Ahmedabad

Shree Saurashtra Baj Khedaval Brahmin Charitable Trust, Ahmedabad has organised a SHRAAVANEE SAMARAMBHA at Dudhnath Mahadev Hall, Opp Juna Vadaj Bus Terminus, Juna Vadaj, Ahmedabad at 10:30 am on Sunday, August 6, 2006.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

An Appeal to SB KHEDAVAL settled abroad:


An Appeal to SB KHEDAVAL Brahmins settled abroad:

Kindly join the NET activities of the Saurashtra Baj Khedaval Brahmin Caste so that the future generations may be benefitted !


Sunday, April 30, 2006

Waiting for that day

I still have not lost hopes, my dear Khedaval bandhus!

I am waiting for all of you! I am waiting for that day when all of you join me!

Let us grow together!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Pioneering steps into the e-Age

Pioneering work in any field poses challenges untold of, unheard of.

We set off all alone nearly six months ago. A handful of enthusiastic Gyati bandhus try to support our pioneering efforts. Now is the time, dear Saurashtra Baj Khedaval bandhus, that all of us unitedly march forward!

Together we grow!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Opportunities for Young Graduates of Saurashtra Baj Khedaval

Shri Rajendrabhai Mehta has informed me about his talks with our Dr
Girishbhai Mehta Ultratech Cement.

Kindly take note of the following Vacancies:

COMPANY : Ultratech Cement

Post: Sales Representative (Frontline Marketing)
Nature of Post: Temporary on Contract for 1 to 2 years

Qualifications: Graduation in Science / Commerce / other discipline

Emoluments : Rs 6500 per month + Local conveyance + Rs 500/- as Mobile phone bill.

Last Date: 10th March,2006

Interested candidates from our caste may please contact our Girish bhai Mehta: 9824002850

Thank you, Girish bhai!
Thank you Raju bhai!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Rapidly changing scenario

Saurashtra Khedaval Bandhus!

The world is witnessing phases of rapid changes.

We need to gear up ourselves to face the challenges of the modern world.

Our NET activities are aimed at that point.

We have ambitious plans in our mind. They would be meaningful only if all of us work unitedly towards some common goals.

Would you come forward to support us?

Would you join us now?

Friday, December 30, 2005

Ushering in A New Era : Khedaval Brahmin

Dear Gyati-Bandhus!

Brahmin community has contributed a lot towards the progress of the society. Now Saurashtra Baj Khedaval Brahmin Caste has an eye-catching presence on the NET. If you have a friend in the Internet field, ask him the importance of the Search Engines. I have been working hard on the NET for the last three months to introduce Khedaval into the Search Engines.

In August 2005, I searched Khedaval at the GOOGLE, MSN, YAHOO and ALTA VISTA. I could not find a single entry in the name of Shree Saurashtra Baj Khedaval Brahmin. It was a tragic reality that our Caste could not be traced even on the NET! My son Ameesh and I decided to change the picture. You know what we could achieve almost single-handedly. Saurashtra Khedaval can be traced at all the leading Search Engines of the world and even in WIKIPEDIA. We have high rank on the Search and hence a very high profile on the NET.

Now if all the members of the caste donor support my NET activities, then every thing will be washed away. Our high rank will be captured by other Castes. We will lose our high status on the NET. Soon our presence on the NET will be wiped out.

Wake up! My dear Gyati Bandhus! I need your precious support for the sake of our Caste.

Shri Kishorbhai and Shri Mahesh bhai from Mumbai, Shri Rajendrabhai from Ahmedabad and other young friends Praharsh, Prasen., Sujan, etc from other places have been trying to support me. But we need wider support.

Come forward! Join our NET activities!

Together we grow!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Khedaval enters the Wikipedia

My article on “Khedaval” has found a place at the Wikipedia, the largest NET Encyclopedia.

I wrote an article on “Khedaval” (Khedawal”) for Wikipedia, the Internet Encyclopaedia.

I am pleased to inform you that my article is published at the world-famous Encyclopedia.

Be proud of our accomplishment, my Khedaval caste-fellows! Now you can find reference to “Khedaval” at this most popular NET Encyclopedia, “WIKIPEDIA”.

I once again appeal all of you, my dear friends, to join me in my Mission Net Khedaval.

We can survive only with unity. Together we grow!

Saturday, December 03, 2005


Internet Search Engines place "KHEDAVAL" on top!

Search at Blogger.Com or MSN Search or YAHOO Search or ALTAVISTA ......

“Saurashtra Baj Khedaval Brahmin Caste” will appear on your screen!

For the FIRST TIME, the KHEDAVAL Brahmins from Saurashtra have got this honourable place on the Internet.

My dear Caste fellows! I could not write to you regularly for the last one month. I was busy working for our entry into the search engines. If you know Internet, you might know that entry into a search engine is the most, the most, the most challenging job on the NET. You have to make tireless efforts for that, go on updating or redesigning your sites, communicate to the Engines, persuade them and fight for your rank on the NET.

I have been working day and night, with one objective: Our Caste must be on the LEADING SEARCH ENGINES of the INTERNET. Last few weeks, I worked frantically and now we have got the results!

You can search the word “Khedaval” on BLOGGER.COM or MSN SEARCH or YAHOO SEARCH or ALTA VISTA ..... On all leading Search Engines you will find the reference to our Saurashtra Baj Khedaval Brahmin as the WEBSITE, or BLOGS or the GROUPS.

You may CLICK the above links and search the following words and check the results:

(1) Khedaval

(2) Khedawal

(3) Saurashtra Baj Khedaval

You will get astonishing results! We, all Khedaval, should be very proud today!

I congratulate all of you on this glorious achievement! Together we grow!

Please send this post by eMail to all your relatives. Just click on the "mail post" (envelope with arrow) link below.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Unity of all Khedaval Caste organisations of the World

We are proud of you! We appreciate your efforts, dear Volunteers and Trustees of all Saurashtra Baj Khedaval Brahmin Caste organisations and “Mandals”. You have been doing a commendable job for the Gyati.

The time is ripe that all Mandals, all organisations and their working commitees and trustees start communicating with one another through the Internet. This is why we have started all the NET activities for example : KHEDAVAL BRAHMIN GROUP

All our NET activities are for you! They are for the Gyati only!

Please come forward! All Gyati Bandhus! Let us unite!

Together we grow!